Virtual Learning Environments and Learning Management Systems

Online learning usually involves logging in to a website or piece of software which is known as the learning management system.  These systems are available for students to monitor their progress at the same time as access their learning materials, sometimes have forums to speak to others taking the course and they can often also access live stream video lectures.

Virtual learning environments and Learning management systems are valuable for students as a means to access the course they are taking as well as checking up on their own progress.  This is especially important when taking an online course as it is often taken at your own pace and does not have strict time limits – it is very much up to the learner to monitor their own education.  These systems allow them to see how they are performing and how much of the course remains for them to take.

In many courses online today, there are options to interact with others on the course, such as video streaming, online chat and Q&A sessions with experts.