Understanding the Learning Styles to Get the Most from Your Studies

It is widely understood in education circles that there are three main learning styles.  Often, students will overlap different styles, sometimes even suiting all three!  Here is some information to help you discover which style of learning would best suit you.

Auditory learners:  learning through listening and hearing, the auditory learner prefers sitting back and listening carefully to the speaker.  Recording lessons and lectures to listen back to later is a good tactic for this type of learning, as is holding discussions and debates with peers.

Visual learners: like to see and watch what is being taught.  Visual learning can be aided through the use of diagrams, pictures, film and photo.  A good study tip is to colour code your study notes!

Kinesthetic learners: prefer learning through doing, getting hands on and finding solutions to problems themselves.  Active lessons are great for this style of learner, as is role playing, acting and creating.