Training To Take Crafting To Next Level

Everybody needs some stimulus at various times in their lives.  Even those staid folk who have been out to work for many years and think they know all there is for them to need to know.  I do have several pals in my contact groups who feel that.  I have urged them to look at some of the amazing e-learning resources out there.   Take quizzes as a fun thing – if you log on to some of the younger persons’ online education courses, you can really pick up a thread on things you think you know but in fact, could learn a great deal more about.  Also hobbies like dress making or other crafts – there are an incredible number of online tutoring courses there for the enjoyment of everyone.    Two of my group are now active in the ‘after dinner speaking’ world of local celebrity status simply through really taking their favourite hobby to the next level and getting fully trained to teach others their skills – sharing the joy and making pennies out of it too.  Win Win!