Take Learning Opportunity As A Life Skill

Whatever our career, there are learning opportunities to be had at every stage.  Whether we choose law, medicine, nursing, hairdressing and beauty therapy.  Absolutely every company of any size will have their own form of training system that they either buy in off the shelf, or have custom designed to incorporate every aspect of their working practices.  For civil service and crown employees, there are many mandatory training courses throughout every half yearly assessment period and as they are linked directly to the team leader’s computer, it is impossible to try skipping them.  Best to knuckle down and get the learning system into your mindset and make the most of those courses.   Some courses concentrate on certain legal aspects of doing that particular job.  i.e. Anti Fraud and Money Laundering exercises are very interesting in themselves and make you sit up and realise just how easy it can be to get sucked in to someone’s dubiously presented schemes.