Preferred Training Methods For Hardy Candidates

We’ve all been there, stuck at home revising for an examination – lots of things to learn but the brain seems completely inept when it comes to reading from passages in a text book.  Why is that?  We can easily absorb exactly the same stuff when it’s presented by the tutor – be it verbally in front of class or with the help of the chalk board.   The feel of some books is exciting – maybe the cover has caught your eye and you can’t wait to delve in to read those first delicious new lines.  Well, maybe not on a text book for training maybe.   Knowing how to learn is the key.  If you know before you start revising that you never do well in that scenario alone, then why not arrange to have a joint session learning each other’s work.   Knowing your way around someone else’s words, is only enhanced with someone clarifying salient points from each chapter.  It works!