Maths Revision With In-House Training Course

Doing our homework when at school was sometimes a true nightmare.  You either had the grasp of the subject or you didn’t.  In  my case there was very little in between.  I either knew the subject and enjoyed every lesson or I couldn’t keep up and got lost along the thousand other failures along the way.   Mathematics was one such area.   A year or so ago, I wanted to train to help adult learners in a particular field.  First problem was my needing to pass two external exams to start with – in English and Maths.  I panicked.  But a chum pointed out the in-house training available.  I was able to do the e-learning to my hearts content.  Logged on, I was going through each stage with a practiced hand.  Thoroughly enjoyable way of really getting to grips with a tricky subject.  Little blocks of knowledge, on click thru menues – xactly how I need to learn!