Learning To Appreciate Education And Training


I have recently started learning to play the piano.  Having worked all my adult life in the secretarial line – typing rapidly and accurately and even boastfully able to type from audio headphones whilst hold a normal conversation face to face with colleagues.  These talents were honed over many years of typing, learned at school.   When I left work  I felt bereft, no-one needed my skills now.       I am doing ok and my teacher is thrilled that someone of much greater age is learning a skill.  It helsps that I  adore classical music . The art of learning is something honed from training courses throughout my working life.  From having to concentrate at school, channeling energy into the course material came very hard then!  The ability to read, absorb information and use it to show progress now has been an absolute joy  – learning to appreciate the means of using education is a wonderful thing!