Knowing Our Own Learning Ability Informs Career Choice

When we embark on a career, there is generally a training course or two to be undertaken before we are allowed to set foot in the live arena.  In fact for most careers, there is a full blown university degree course to be endured and the best possible degree to be achieved, before we can apply for any kind of post within our chosen job path.
Knowing how we train and learn is an essential part of our armoury for future reference.  When at school, if we know that we learn the subject or task better by quietly sitting and reading the book, or maybe we realise early on that always need to have someone demonstrating or explaining verbally in front of us with demonstrations of ‘how to’.  Knowing our limitations will help us to decide what career to go for.  The career can be ours for the taking if the right training is understood and approached from the right angle at the very beginning.