If Only I’d Had A Chance Of E-Learning

I can clearly remember being in the lower half of achievement for my class when it came to maths.  There was something about the way it was presented that put the fear of god into me.  Now that I’m very much the mature adult and able to research absolutely anything and achieve whatever I want to – with online help of couse, it has become the yearning disappointment of my life that I can’t go back and help my younger self with those anxieties over mental arithmetic and ‘problem solving’.  In one exam which from memory involved ducks and cows, having to work out from the number of heads and feet, how many of each type there was.  I knew at the after exam round up that I’d failed when I was the only one with 36.5 cows!   Yet now I can do all kinds of sums and calculations in my head  – with age comes wisdom!