How Important is Work Experience When It Comes to Getting a Job?

Work experience is one of the most useful yet tricky aspects of gaining employment – for a start it often means you work for free (which can be difficult if you have a home to pay for!) and it can mean taking out a lot of time from your life.

Gaining a job is a balance between skill and experience – many job positions will expect you to have some experience within the workplace, whether that is within the industry or not.  This can be difficult if you also require qualification such as a degree or college course.  Finding the time to get the experience needed can be tricky!

Many employers would be happy to have you in for part time hours in order to gain some experience, and many employers would definitely see the value in having experience behind you – it doesn’t always have to be within the same field as the job you are interested in, but enough to get you a reference which you can pass on to a new employer!