Filling Learning Gaps With Online & E-Learning Opportunities

If parents have any idea about which school they want their child to attend for that last critical phase – what is in state school terms known as upper school, then they need to step on the additional tutor or e-learning route very early on.  There are still some excellent selective grammar schools but getting a place is extremely difficult without a great deal of planning and preparation up front.   A family we know has a son who was on the asperbers spectrum because he is exceptionally bright in the world of maths and physics way of thinking.  His middle school wanted him to be given a chance to apply for a place at the local grammer school but the hurdles placed en route were horrendous.  He passed some of the test paper brilliantly but of course failed on other parts.  In the end his mother withdrew his application when she realised she needed at least 2  years preparation time.  E-learning and online education courses are fantastic at filling those unrecognised gaps in a child’s learning.