E-Learning Available To Reboot Early Education

Whether you are trying to catch up with missed opportunities with  your learning, or you have children who perhaps could not make the most of their school learning chances, the vast array of online e-learning is fantastic.  I was looking over a museum school room recently – set in a country house, where many of the ‘below stairs’ experiences have been restored and brought to life.  The upper floors that housed the female servants has also been completely cleaned up and as many era appropriae artefacts have been gleaned and sourced to make it as near the mark as possible.  The thing that is so obvious is that the children of poor families had no education at all until about the mid 1880s and the slightly better off only had very minimally more.  Very basic slate writing boards show us the little bit that anyone thought was necessary.  Thank heavens for online e-learning. No one need suffer lack of education.