Dedicated Treatment Nurses Train That Extra Mile

I know someone who has been in a huge medical centre of excellence for some weeks.  He suffers from a variety of ailments – each of which is very serious in its own right.   There’s type 1 diabetis – though I know it must be so, I’ve never actually seen this chap do a finger print check, but I have seen him so high in spirits one second and half time in morose stance, head in hands with bewilderment.   He also has or has had two different cancers.  I understand though that when he was in our local hospital, he was allowed to deteriorate and lose all the weight to make the next stage on rather better.    This chap needs to have a liver transplant, for anything less to occur will be just as he is now.  He’s had all sorts of treatments.  The latest requires him to take insulin – through his stomach region.  It’s painful and time consuming.  His dedicated treatment nurse has been fully trained specifically to help these folk in their individual needs.