Converting Idle Surfing Into Golden Learning Hours

I work alongside various age groups – it is absolutely fascinating to hear the experiences of everyone, especially when it comes to e-learning and online tutoring courses.   No one these days in my paritcular contact groups anyway, would turn their noses up at the chance to enhance their career prospects by just putting in a few hours at home.  If you said to them about taking extra training for anything at all, they’d look as if you were mad in asking.  However, when you think how much time people spend looking up things on the ‘net and doing games and activities, just a couple of hours a week transferring that time into e-learning and onlined education hours, they could all be moving out of the mundane and up into the next level of their career parth, a lot quicker.   Simply knowing how to access these amazing courses is a start and I try to propel them towards something useful.  It won’t do them any harm, that’s for sure!