Appreciating Efforts Of The Careers Teacher

When a youngster at school is asked at aged 12 or 13 to make their exam choices to be sat in some 2 or 3 years time, it must be very confusing for them.  How can they possibly know for sure what they want to do ?  There is this unbelievable amount of pressure put on the child to make decisions that an help or hinder their career choices much later on.  The wrong exams taken at this time can seriously set back a budding graduate in later life.  This is where the good old careers teacher can be so handy.  They are there in school to know or at least find out what kind of subjects would be best for certain career paths and thus help the student to choose wisely from the selection available.  They will usually be trained to a high level themselves and also be able to gide the student into the right kind of training path for future success.